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August 9, 2018

Your skin and the sun

Ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin, harming DNA and cell function.  The damage is cumulative and adds up year after year.  Damage is seen as wrinkles, discolored, red or brown patches, dilated blood vessels, dryness and loss of skin vibrancy.  The best logical prevention is to avoid the sun as much as possible.  The reality is that your skin will be exposed at one time or another and your best plan is to apply broad spectrum sunscreens designed to protect and to prevent premature skin aging.

AquaFolia Aqua Soleil innovates by offering a broad spectrum UVA-UVB sun protection product line perfectly adapted to your skin type and conditions, intelligent and antioxidant whose main objectives are preventing damage from environmental aggressors, preventing premature skin aging and favoring its natural repairing mechanism. Our formulas are hydrating, non-greasy, water resistant, non-photosensitizing, without perfume, artificial colouring, silicone, mineral, oil, paraben, aluminum or alcohol.

The Eye Contour, Face and Body Cream Soft Mineral SPF 27 is perfect for sports enthusiasts, children, oily, delicate and sensitive skins an eye contour area.  Plus, don’t miss the arrival of the Face and Body Cream SPF 35 in August!

We suggest you to put sunshine on your face and to let your complexion spark-up with our Glow Boosters such as our Healthy Glow Color Gel or our Glow Bosster 100% Mineral Powder. Simply combine a very small quantity with your sun protection cream.  Mix well before applying and there you go!

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December 10, 2017

New Hydrophilic Moisturizing Oil

Discover 4 nourishing, softening and revitalizing oils, without oily residue. A clever blend of grape seed oil, avocado, tea, jojoba and vitamin E. A real source of nutrition for skin lacking lipids, structure, hydration and vitality.

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January 24, 2017


Life relies on balance, which brings forth beauty and well-being. Taking in hand the skin’s radiance means rediscovering the joie de vivre brought about by unwavering self-esteem.

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