Determine your skin type and skin conditions

To help you choose the skin care products adapted to your skin conditions we invite you to fill out a short questionnaire (five minutes). The results of this test will guide you towards the Aquafolia care concept best suited for you.

1. When you look at your skin do you see blackheads?

2. Breakouts?

3. Shine?

4. Dilated pores

5. When you go into the sun without any protection

6. Redness

7. My skin is sensitive and reacts to environmental factors

8. My skin feels

9. Dark spots

10. My complexion is

11. Do you have a loss of firmness on your skin

12. The color of my skin

13. Lines and wrinkles

14. In the summer I love the wear of a very nourishing cream

15. My skin feels tight choose in the following list the product you think will make your skin feel better

16. When you wash your skin