AquaIMUNITA Concept



This anti-inflammagingψ concept replenishes the skin’s barrier through hydration. Restorative anti-aging for a healthy youthful looking skin. Restores vitality, firmness and elasticity. Promotes the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin. For mature skin lacking in vitality, density, firmness and comfort.

What is inflammaging?ψ

Inflammagingψ is a process where mini lesions repeatedly degrade cell membranes, damaging the fibers of collagen and elastin so precious to the skin. At the heart of the responsible agents are pollutants, stress, lack of sleep, intense sports, alterations of the skin’s barrier, irritants and mismanaged diets that produce oxidants, including free radicals. The visible signs of inflammagingψ are a lack of complexion luminosity, wrinkled skin that loses its youthful appearance and a loss in the skin’s elasticity. It is this invisible inflammatory process that participates to the aging process.

Our objectives


  • Defends against the effects of age-accelerating environmental stressors and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through hydration.
  • Replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier to promote the skin’s natural defence mechanism.
  • Soothing anti-aging effect by hydration.


Aiming to favor the skin’s natural defences through technologies derived from probiotics is at the heart of AquaIMUNITA concept.


PLANT STEM CELLS The essential foundation of plants. Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging repair.

COSMECEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY OF NATURAL ORIGIN Botanical ingredients with increased effectiveness.

DERIVED FROM PROBIOTIC TECHNOLOGIES Lysates from bacteriel fermentation promote the skin's natural defences and replenish the skin's barrier through hydratation.

The upper layers of the epidermis
From an appearance perspective


Chosen ingredients

(Educational information from in-vitro and/or in-vivo and/or ex-vivo studies on ingredients that does not represent the functions of the concept or the products)

1. Derived from probiotic technologies

  • Lactococcus ferment lysate
    Skin renewal is accelerated, improves skin quality and fortifies skin’s natural barrier (in-vitro studies).
  • Yogurt powder
    Very moisturizing, improves skin firmness and maintains skin health appearance and balance.

2. Plant Stem Cells

  • Phaseolus Radiatus Meristem cell culture extract
    Repair from UV-induced damage and to maintain cellular viability upon UV exposure (in-vitro studies).

3. Cosmeceutical Biotechnology of Natural Origin

  • Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (biotechnological extract) Most powerful polyphenol originating from green tea
    Water based solution containing a vegetal polyphenol on which a glucose molecucles was attached by an enzymatic process. Enzymatic transformation of EGCG contained in natural green tea extract. Actions: Anti-collagenase, antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Biotech extract of small molecular weight. Fights the visible signs of aging.

AquaIMUNITA Concept product

Cell Probio Foaming Cleanser

Exfoliant Cell Biotech Probio

Probio Omega Cell Cream

CELLULARE Fusion Serum

Eye Serum Cell Biotech Probio

ψ Soothing anti-aging effect by hydration
The upper layers of the epidermis
From an appearance perspective
* From the appearance and sensation perspective


Triple Action 3A
Anti-aging for combination to oily types still suffering from localized imperfections

Aqua Rescue
Anti-aging for sensitive, reactive
and dehydrated skin

Anti-aging for mature dehydrated skin suffering from hyperpigmentation
(pigmentary spots)

Anti-Inflammagingψ for mature

Anti-aging for skin in need of lipids, density and structure

Aquafolia SPA
Sensorial, exhilarating and treating body line

Aquafolia Soleil
Sun products

Products for all
Products adapted to several concepts