Discover the world of cosmeceutical biotechnology, a green chemistry,

that uses microorganisms, their enzymes, to transform plant extracts into new innovative molecules, giving spectacular results on the skin.

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Learn more about our innovative anti-aging concepts

Each adapted to the specific skin conditions to fight the visible aging process: mixed and oily skin with localized imperfections, sensitive skin, mature skin with pigmentary spots (dark spots) or skins in need of lipids.

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Find your skin type

To help you choose the skin care products adapted to your skin conditions, we invite you to fill out a short questionnaire (five minutes).


Treat your skin according to the steps of care

Prepare, moisturize and treat, see in more detail the three steps of care to fight the visible signs of aging skin.

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Your gift

With the purchase of two Aquafolia products, receive the

AquaNUTRIA Elixir Relipidant

size 30 ml

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To discover

Anti-Acne Gel

Ultralight anti-acne gel. Helps treat acne pimples and their formation, diminishes asphyxiated condition and reduces shine.

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Latest news

August 9, 2018

Your skin and the sun

Preventing damage from environmental aggressors, preventing premature skin aging and favoring its natural repairing mechanism are the main objectives AQUA SOLEIL products. AquaFolia Aqua Soleil innovates by offering a broad spectrum UVA-UVB sun protection product line perfectly adapted to your skin type and conditions, intelligent and antioxidant.

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Aquafolia presents

Aquafolia skin care line


OCCY Laboratoire inc. is dedicated to the sublimation of the skin, which is a mirror of overall health. Aquafolia, its flagship line of cosmetics, conjugates the pure energy of nature with the power of science.

The company’s creation was motivated by the fight against the visible signs of aging and skin problems. Therefore, it is with indefectible scientific attention to detail and a keen desire to command well-being that its team of researchers began the initiative upon which it is presently working tirelessly. Its maxim: to comply with the most demanding standards for quality while producing visible results which, in turn, nurture inner beauty.


Life relies on balance, which brings forth beauty and well-being. Taking in hand the skin’s radiance means rediscovering the joie de vivre brought about by unwavering self-esteem. Discovering Aquafolia means making the choice to shine and cherish the environment. The revolutionary line of Aquafolia cosmetics breathes freshness onto the skin, leaving it feeling dynamic, enlivened, and flawless.. Its ecological packaging is also intelligent and hygienic. Together, let’s conjugate the pure energy of nature with the power of science.

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